Our Professional Painters Work On Budget

Get Quality and Professional Painting, Not a Rising Budget

At Pete’s Professional Painting & Power Washing we keep our word and promise. We stick to the estimated cost given from the beginning, working on budget. Our clients don’t have to worry about hidden costs arising after the job is started. You will only pay what was budgeted for. No more, no less. We believe the standard of doing business should be as easy as this sounds.

Many home service providers such as painting companies bring up hidden charges when calculating the final bill, increasing the initially budgeted cost. Although business see this as normal and act as if that is what is expected and nothing is wrong. When you choose to work with Pete’s Professional Painting & Power Washing, you don’t have to worry about your final bill deviating from the budgeted cost. We respect our clients and if we estimate a price, we stick to it.

Get Free Cost Estimates for Your Painting Project

At Pete’s Professional Painting & Power Washing, we have a team of skilled and experienced residential and commercial painters who can work on any painting project, large or small. We offer the following services for your on-budget painting needs:

  • Commercial and residential painting projects
  • Interior painting projects
  • Exterior painting projects

Do you have an upcoming painting project? Give Pete’s Professional Painting & Power Washing a call today for a free quote. Our professional painters will work with you to assess your property and come up with an estimated price. We have the capacity to handle hundreds of projects as we are spread throughout North America. Whether you have a commercial or residential project, count on us to paint your world and make a difference in your space.