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Wallpaper can give a room an appealing look, but just like any other material, it has a lifespan and gets outdated over time. If you want to give your old, outdated wallpaper a new look, Pete’s Professional Painting & Power Washing has you covered. Our experts can offer you professional and superior quality wallpaper removal services for the best outcomes. Our professionals have the skills and experience needed to handle all sorts of wallpaper removal projects. All you need is to schedule for a service.

Why Hire Pete’s Professional Painting & Power Washing for Wallpaper Removal?

  • Reliable, fast and easy wallpaper removal services
  • Custom wallpaper removal services for your unique needs and specific wallpaper type
  • Minimal to zero errors and damages
  • Cost-effective wallpaper removal services
  • Long-term time and money savings
  • Access to complementary services such as interior/exterior painting and drywall repair services

Although wallpaper seems easy for a DIY project, it is more difficult than you can imagine. The duration it took to apply the wallpaper and the period it has been on your wall, among other factors, can influence the removal process. The experts at Pete’s Professional Painting & Power Washing know what to expect and how to handle various wallpaper types and applications. We can deal with your specific type of wallpaper and apply it accordingly.

Timely & On Budget

We understand the essence of an efficient, fast and cost-effective project that runs on time and within the established budget. In addition to proven professional expertise and availability of the tools needed to get the job done right upon first attempt, our customers trust Pete’s Professional painting & Power Washing to deliver.  Our projects always end in a timely and on-budget manner. We stick to our project schedules and the price estimates we offer our esteemed customers.

Pete’s Professional Painting & Power Washing professionals are always ready to offer our clients quality and affordable wallpaper removal services.

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